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Automation for enterprise

Marina is the smarter way to manage enterprise data and supercharge your operations teams.

Managing enterprise data is business critical, but it's broken...

There are no standards, coupled with disparate sources & types of information; from open data to internally stored information to commercial data providers to endless documents and more; all coming into your team from different channels to be manually reviewed, verified, and processed.

Streamlining, processing, and harnessing this business and customer data is complex, manual, slow, and expensive which is hurting your bottom line, and your ability to serve your business customers better.

Marina is an automation platform to help solve these challenges.

Simplify Complexity

Marina can understand any data source or document , in any format from any channel, to identify key information and automate your digital processes.

Plug & Play

Your team can go live in days (or less) with simple implementation options, and Marina plays nice with all your existing applications.


Marina's benefits include reducing costs, saving time, and increasing controls & compliance.

Utilise Talent

Marina can free up armies of people & talent that are currently under-utilised managing low value but essential business critical services, to focus on higher impact activities.

Service Design

With Marina taking a load off, you can reimagine and redesign your products & services to deliver truly differentiated customer experiences.

People Working in Open Office

We think operations teams and users deserve more...

We love operations teams and users...

They are the unsung champions of the front, middle, and back offices of enterprise.


They are on the front line managing customers, suppliers, and partners. They are navigating difficult processes and keeping business critical services running. 


They are pragmatic with lots of hacks, workarounds, and shortcuts to get stuff done, and they are flat out performing tedious manual work. 


They deserve better solutions that fit into their daily routine.

Marina is designed to give business teams easy to use tools to automate, in real-time, most of their tedious work in managing data & documents; for faster processing, better controls, and streamlining complex processes.

We want to make users' lives easier and free up their time to work on more interesting, complex, and differentiated work.

Business Graphs

Marina delivers huge benefits


Faster Processing Times


up to

Reduction in Processing Costs


Better Accuracy & Data Quality

Our Partners


We'd love to understand your challenges and perspective of processing data for your business operations. And we'd love to connect demonstrate Marina's capabilities to give you some options to evaluate.

We'd be delighted to connect and organise a friendly 30 minute demo & discussion to explore how Marina could help your business...

Ready to Accelerate Your Automation Capabilities and Productivity?

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