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Stay Ahead: Intelligent Regulatory Tracking and Management for FinTechs.

Marina Regs empowers your banking compliance and financial operations to effortlessly stay ahead of ever-changing regulations, efficiently managing them through intelligent automation.

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Automating Regulatory Compliance for all Financial Institutions


Regulatory Alerts

Marina Regs provides instant notifications of regulation changes (or of any other document), combined with the option to streamline functions, making it easier to create new workflows and procedures and to meet new compliance requirements, leading to higher productivity and better performance across the organisation.

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Simplify Data Sources

Marina Regs can reduce paperwork or multiple shared documents and email threads, help optimise finance firms’ work processes, mitigate compliance risks, improve auditing and streamline data collection, allowing them to not only implement cost-cutting measures but also transform compliance into a process that generates value.

Utilise Talent.png

Utilise talent

Marina Regs takes the burden off regulatory compliance teams and automates regular, non-value-add  compliance tasks, allowing the business user more freedom to focus on more valuable compliance initiatives by identifying and remedying any potential issues faster than manual audits and reporting processes. 

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Plug & play

Your team can be up and running within days (or even faster) with a SSO platform that’s easy to set up using an efficient implementation process. Marina Regs can integrate with all your current applications making it effortless for everyone to use.

Service Design.png

Service design

With Marina lightening the load, you have the opportunity to envision and reshape your products and services, resulting in distinctive customer experiences.


Marina Regs provides intuitive tools designed for the financial industry, streamlining regulatory data and document management with instant automation. Elevate your competitive edge, reduce compliance costs, and mitigate risks effortlessly with our solutions.


Financial institutions have the opportunity to undergo a significant transformation in their  regulatory compliance procedures..

Embracing a more uniform and centralised approach will drive efficiencies throughout the entire organisation.

By transitioning from resource-heavy, time-consuming, and manual compliance methods to scalable and effective processes, housed in one central platform they can not only reduce costs but also create substantial value.

Marina Data automates your data & document processing.

We think financial business

users deserve more...

Financial  Regulatory Compliance teams…

Marina Regs automates and operationalises financial regulatory information into effective processes and controls for organisations to meet their regulatory compliance obligations, empowering collaboration on identifying, assessing, and managing key activities & controls.

We want to improve your business user’s productivity by freeing up their time and automating the low-value, high-volume tasks that slow them down.

Marina Regs delivers huge benefits to financial institutions

Marina Regs elevates your existing investment in regulatory and compliance technology by enhancing the quality and timeliness of the data they receive.


Better Accuracy & Data Quality


Reduction in Processing Costs

Up to


Faster Processing Times

Ready to tackle your financial data processing and regulatory compliance challenges head-on?

Let's explore how we can tailor solutions to your needs. We're eager to hear your perspective and showcase how we can help your business thrive.

Schedule a friendly 30-minute exploration of Marina Regs.

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