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Data automation for enterprise productivity.

Marina future proofs your compliance and operations environments by supercharging your business users with intelligent automation capabilities.

Marina data - App screens

Marina offers a collection of automation solutions designed to address key challenges...

Marina Data - Simplify Complexity

Simplify complexity

Marina comprehends data from diverse sources and documents, regardless of format or channel. It identifies vital information and automates your digital workflows.

Marina Data - Utilise talent

Utilise talent

Marina frees up underutilised valuable talent from overseeing low-value essential business services, allowing them to focus on more impactful tasks.

Marina Data - Plug & Play

Plug & play

Your team can be up and running within days (or even faster) using simple implementation choices, and Marina can integrate with all your current applications.

Marina Data - Service design

Service design

With Marina lightening the load, you have the opportunity to envision and reshape your products and services, resulting in distinctive customer experiences.

Marina Data - Results


Marina can offer advantages such as cost reduction, time savings, and enhanced control and compliance over all types of documentation.


Marina is designed to offer user-friendly tools to business teams, enabling real-time automation of their data and document management tasks. This results in faster processing, enhanced controls, and streamlined complex processes.


Managing enterprise data is mission critical, but it's broken...

Organisations’ existing processes and tools cannot keep pace with regulatory or operational change.

Streamlining, processing, and harnessing critical data and information flows is complex, manual, slow, and expensive which is hurting your bottom line, and your ability to serve your business customers better.

Marina Data automates your data & document processing.

We think business

users deserve more...

Compliance teams...

Marina automates and operationalises regulatory information into effective processes and controls for organisations to improve their compliance obligations, empowering collaboration on identifying, assessing, and managing key activities & controls.

Operations teams...

Marina’s data processing capabilities helps organisations capture, manage, and automate your data & documents faster and more accurately, for activities like customer or product onboarding, KYC reviews, claims processing, data reconciliation or remediations.

We want to make users' lives easier and free up their time to work on more interesting, complex, and differentiated work.

Marina delivers huge benefits

Marina does not replace your existing investments in technology. It enhances them by improving the quality and timeliness of the information that they receive. 


Better Accuracy & Data Quality


Reduction in Processing Costs

Up to


Faster Processing Times

Ready to accelerate your
automation capabilities and productivity?

Let's explore how Marina can address your unique data processing challenges. We'd love to hear your perspective and showcase how our capabilities can provide tailored solutions.

We'd be delighted to connect and organise a friendly 30 minute demo & discussion to explore how Marina could help your business...

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