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The Marina platform is use case agnostic by design to maximise efficiency regardless of application...

Marina adds value by automating the capturing, understanding, extracting, validating and distributing of information.



Below is a flavour of some example use cases Marina can help your business with.


Streamline your customer and supplier onboarding processes to move from processing everything (data and documents) manually to just processing exceptions manually, for faster onboarding times and better customer experiences.


Client Due Diligence 

Supercharge your regulatory compliance capabilities and increase your capacity for KYC and AML reviews to eliminate backlogs; via the intelligent collection, aggregation, and remediation of related customer documents & data that are automatically matched to the appropriate regulatory requirements (as well as your internal policies).

Client Servicing

Serve client requests faster with a low-touch solution that automatically unlocks key information from their documents and emails, to improve their experience with faster response & service times and reduced handoffs in the service chain.

Application Processing

Automate processing and decision making on complex B2B products such as commercial loans, issuer services, or corporate action events through the automated validation of the related detailed document packs that clients need to complete and return.


Trade Finance

Eliminate manual checks and reviews by digitising & capturing trade documents into Marina for the automated verification of key trade information, reducing time to trade, reducing risks and increasing controls & standards.


Claims Processing

Speed up and improve your claims applications through both automated and assisted recognition & identification of the claim and claimant details, thereby reducing duplicates and costs for a better client experience and better data quality (via a true single client view).

Quality Control

Transform your production line testing and quality control processes by digitising your manual paper forms in Marina and using Marina as an end-to-end solution to: securely capture real-time product/testing data from any device for automated validation & processing; generate compliance reports and manage the associated review and sign-offs. Use Marina to create a truly digital solution, saving thousands of hours and providing superior controls.


Legal Discovery

Index and catalogue any unstructured document or set of documents to classify key information for your line of business, with insights automatically unlocked and reusable; enhancing any decision making process from legal contract review, risk calculation, assessments, or data dispositions to leverage the richest and most accurate data in your processes.

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